-    Machine wthout extruder.
-    The in feed of the machine is composed of a conveyor belt lengthened by two equalizer sets and a rotative powdering device, located before the equalizers, is used tu prevent the rope from sticking to the belt.

-    Cutting system with preflattening. These system assures the perfect sealing of the rope sides, avoiding leakage of the filling.
-    The process part consists of a product in feed belt on top of which there is a pneumatic pusher to transfer each product portion into an intermediate pneumatically operated storing flap. An automatic synchronization allows the introduction of the rope into the forming rollers.

-    Equipped with one set of foaming rollers which can be of different shapes of both solid and products filled with powder, granulates and semi-liquid filling.
-    Automation and integral control. Movements operated by servomotors, all the different adjustments are carried through a touch screen display.

-    Other functions accesable through a touch screen display are:
  •     Acces to speed and timing.
  •     Synchronizing adjustments of the main movements.
  •     Storing in memory of different formats.


-    The rolled products coming from the ball forming machine are constantly kept in motion in the cooling table and cooled down.

-    Inside the cooling table a perforated plate is mounted on rotating elements keeping the products in a rotatory motion. The rotation speed of the steel plate can be varied in the range of 1:6 by jeans of a potentiometer.

-    Underneath the perforated plate two fans are installed and are constantly blowing air through this plate an thus air cooling down the products. A full size air refrigerating unit can be mounted on top of the cooling table it is supplied by the customer.

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