Rolling and Cutting TECMAQ Machine
for cereal bars


 TECMAQ is pleased to present its new rolling and cutter machine for manufacture cereal bars, as amaranth, granola, peanut, nugget pumpkin and other cereals.

With manual feeding and production capacity of 5,000 to 20,000 bars per hour, according to the following:

Number of rows         Production Capacity per hour
        4                                   5,000 –   7,500
        6                                   9,000 – 11,500
        8                                 13,000 – 15,500
        12                               18,000 – 20,000

Start, stop and speed of the different sections of the machine and cutting length of the product are controlled by Touch-screen, PLC, frequency invertors, servo motor and servo drive.

Thanks to this system the TECMAQ rolling and scoring machine allows different sizes of length of the products with a simple change in the program parameters on the Touch Screen.

 •*Frame of 3.5 meters of length, built in structural steel and sanitary painting.
 •*Conveyor of the  sections of feeding product, rolling, calibration, length cutting and cross cutting system built in stainless steel with plastic conveyor belt.
•*Section of manual feeding product with hopper built on stainless steel.
 •*Rolling and cutting section with 2 stainless steel rollers lined with teflon.
•*Calibration section with stainless steel roller lined with teflon.
 •*Length cutting section with a roller for  4 to 12 rows of product.
•*Cross cutting automatic system section through blade operated with servo.
 *Cooling system by 3 mts. length product conveyor
 •*Motion Transmissions through 5 motor reducers with sprokets, chains and servo motor with pulley and teethed bands.

• Touch Screen: OMRON
• Servos and Servo drives: OMRON
• Electrical Equipments: Schneider
• Voltage to be specified.

Electrical Installation
System of force: 220 volts 60 cycles.
Monitoring System: 24 volts C. D.
or that the customer requires



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