Extrusores TECMAQ


The TECMAQ extruders are designed for extruding chewing gum, bubble gum, chewy paste and all extrudable pastes.
An even feed is ensured by 2 rollers mounted in the feeding hopper. This principle allows constant volumetric feeding; two pressure screws guarantee a regular extrusion of the gum for good and efficient operation.

The compression chamber can be equipped with different channels allowing either the extrusion of strip sore ropes (solid, hollow or filling with powder).

Extruders are fitted with a heating or cooling water system.

Hollow rope is produced in a special channel by injecting air at low pressure into the space provided by the form of extrusion, in order to maintain a perfectly cylindrical shape without collapse. The air is supplied by a fan which forms integral part of the machine.

1.    With powder

The filling with powder is achieved by a distribution system action against the level of the air injection into the rope. The system maintain the powder in a free flowing condition and a delivery nozzle with control valve.
It is mounted on top of the compression chamber.

2.    With semi-liquid materials

The filling is achieved through a volumetric puma, connected to the top part of the compression chamber. The dosing is controlled by invert variable speed.
The extruders are operated by motor reducer and invert variable speed.

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